Who we are

Trust and excellence in all stages of the process

CS3 Surfaces was founded in April 2006 with the main objective of offering the best service in the market, associated with products of the highest quality for our clients. With a presence in most of Brazil, and a constant growth throughout the international market, CS3 offers national and imported materials, ranging from classic to exotic, with strict quality control that permeates all stages, from the acquisition to the categorization of the material.

What moves CS3 is the partnership of people committed to be more than suppliers, but to cultivate a quality partnership with our customers. We are driven by you, customer, friend and partner. Together, we offer more than quality products, we provide inspiration.

Our Philosophy

Our Business

Provide facilities for the ornamental stone sector, providing convenience, safety and beauty to our customers and partners.

Our Mission

Understand to meet with excellence the demands of the coatings market, generating values for clients, organization, employees and society.

Our Vision

To be a company of national and international expression, attentive to the trends and offering solutions for the market of coatings that satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our Values

– Search for innovation in both product and organizational methods;
– Results as a measure of performance;
– Ethics, competence and commitment;
– Customers as business reason;
– Appreciation of employees and partners;
– Generation of value for the Organization.

Innovation and

The attention to detail makes of CS3 Surfaces surpasses only our products. Today we counted on 4 multiwires 72 diamond threads, being part of the constant investments in innovation and technology in our processes of beneficiation, that provide agility in the beneficiation of our materials.

In addition, our employees participate in training and qualification for daily development in their functions. Health and safety are topics that are part of the employee's routine. We are a team, a family, so we care about the well being of each one that constitutes CS3.


As important as the concern in offering products and quality service is to value the integrity of the environment as well as the society. One of our projects was the filter press, which allows the reuse of water resulting from the production process of our materials. In addition, CS3 also has selective collection in its structure.

We are proud to support and be a part of community projects such as APAE Castelo, which provides education, health and social care services to people with intellectual and multiple disabilities. We believe in the transformative potential and importance of these projects.